The One Where I Get Married

Oh Hai there. How are you? Long time no see. Keeping well? I’m sorry I’ve been a little busy and not blogged but it’s only because I was busy organising my wedding and getting married.

Yeah, I got married!

It’s been a month now, and alhamdulillah, it was the best decision I ever made.

My husband and I met, got engaged and married within 6 months. After waiting forever for my Prince Charming, I finally got him. But me being me, we did everything in an unconventional way which is what we love, but it feels organic and natural. I didn’t think I would actually be sitting here, a married woman, letting you all know that I found the one. It’s a testament to my family’s prayers, to Allah’s mercy and being at the right stage in my life that I am here.

Our wedding was just the way I wanted it. I was having bridezilla moments after our engagement as to how we were going to organise everything in such a short amount of time, but the first dress I saw, I fell in love with. And my husband bless his heart, picked out my valima dress for the reception on his side. I loved how I looked both days and I am grateful that the makeup and jewellery was how I wanted alhamdulillah.

We’re settling into married life, living together, working things out. It’s only been a few days since we’ve actually lived in our own home alhamdulillah. Hubby’s trying not to freak out at the amount of stuff I have brought home, but I’m easing him in gently. He doesn’t realise how much more I have at my parents place….shhh….

Since we’re both very private individuals, I am not going to be posting pictures from the wedding on any sort of social media platform.  My hubby has chosen to stay anonymous but I managed to sneak a pic of him…so I present to you…the man I married:


Mr. T!

I hope dear readers, you will welcome him into our little corner of the world.

So, that’s what’s been happening with me. How are you doing?

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11 thoughts on “The One Where I Get Married

  1. MashaAllah, this such wonderful news! Congratulations to you both. May Allah bless your union with health and happiness, and may you both grow together in both deen and dunya. You have no idea how happy I am to read this news! Welcome to Mr. T :)

    PS: I’m a little sad that you’re not sharing pictures (although I honestly respect your decision to keep them private). I’d love to see how you looked on your special day. I’m sure you were a beautiful bride :)

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  2. Salaam!
    MashaAllah Humaira – this post had me smiling all day :D. I was kind of hoping this was why you had stopped blogging for a while!
    Hope you’re enjoying married life. May Allah swt put loooooads of blessing in your marriage; make you both successful in this world and the next – a means of jannah for each other. Ameen x

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  3. Congratulations!!! That is great news MashAllah! Happy for you and your husband – hope you guys have a blessed life together. Words of advice: the first year can be overwhelming but that’s okay!! I’m writing a post on it as I type this – needed a break!

    Congrats again :)

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  4. Salaam! I thought I commented on this but must’ve forgotten to click the button! MashaAllah so happy for you :D – smiled all day the day I read your post and was hoping this was the reason you hadn’t posted for a while. May Allah swt grant you both happiness and abundance in this life and the next and make you a means of jannah for each other (ameen).Hope you’re enjoying and settling into married life well inshaAllah. Take care x

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