Link Love – 14/04/2014

I am trying new content on this blog, so I’ve put together a series of links I saved and loved this week.

1) How to use a fitted sheet on the beach to make a sand free blanket – Lifehacker did an interesting post on how to use a fitted sheet on the beach to make a sand free blanket. Genius! I hate getting sand into any part of my body and even worse brining it home. I love going to the beach though and with the weather warming up, I’m sure I will be able to use this tip more and more!

2) Get Better Sleep and Improve Digestion with This 30-Second Yoga Move
Lifehacker also posted this yoga move to help improve your sleep and digestion. I tried it as did Mr. T and it did work, we slept like babies! It’s a little too much to remember every day, but it’s a nice to move to pull out if I have sleepless nights which I was having last week.

3)10 Item Wardrobe Spring 2014 – This was a novel concept on HuffPost. The author posits that if you have only 10 items that all work with each other it will make getting dressed in Spring so much faster. I like the idea as everyone is turning into a more conscious collector of items. However, I can’t stick to this rule sadly. I have 1 full wardrobe, various drawers and stuff in suitcases to implement this. This is because one wardrobe is my day to day wear, I share it with Mr. T so it’s not all mine, mine, mine! The other wardrobe is asian wear, this one hardly gets used because it’s very formal asian wear. I’m going to try and start wearing saris more in the summer inshallah though. Also, I have t-shirts, cardigans, summer clothes, handbags and accessories dotted around the house, so while a lovely concept won’t work for me.

4) Shakespeare & Co. Lunch / Dubai Maria at mmi style shows some photos of Shakespeare & Co, a beautiful restaurant on Jumerah Beach. I wish we had known about this place when we stayed there last year on honeymoon!

5) Fashion Love: Beaded Blazer Shaza from Shaza’s Scrapbook has a lovely post on how to wear a beaded blazer look day and night. I wish I had the confidence to wear something like that day or night! I run away from sequins lol! I have started to wear colour, but something that beautiful requires more bravery than I have right now.

6) The Minimalist Traveler’s Makeup Bag – Courtney Derr went travelling for a year with her husband in South East Asia, this is her travel make-up bag. To be honest if we all wanted to we could probably live without a lot of products. I was pretty selective when it came to what products I took with me to Marrakesh, and for once I’m going to try and not take as many things when I go home on Wednesday inshallah….well I say try but I’ll end up with a huge suitcase anyway lol!

7) Fix Dents in Car Bumpers – This is probably one of the most useful tips I’ve seen!

8) The Asian Beauty Secret You Are no Doing But Should Be – HuffPost has a feature on how women in Asia are double cleaning to keep their skin fresh and clean. Um…I thought that was cleanse, tone and moisturise which I’ve finally been religiously doing for the past few weeks! It’s made a huge difference to my skin, but clearly I need to add another step to this, but I probably won’t unless I wear make-up that day.

What links did you find useful? Have you got any links to share?

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